Collect emissions data

Data collection does not need to be tedious. Consolidate your data in one secure platform and gain immediate visibility on your company’s carbon footprint.
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Where it all begins: Uncover your carbon & ESG data

Collecting emissions data is a necessary first step to your net-zero journey. The data collection phase is defined by sourcing data required for carbon accounting and ESG reporting, which means coordinating data from various departments and stakeholders. This can include everything from employee commute information, building electricity use, and weight of waste produced in your business’ office.

The Plan A Sustainability Platform consolidates all your data in one customisable and visual dashboard, enabling you to bulk upload data, and utilise templates that guide you through the data collection process with ease.

Hassle-free data collection

Automate your data collection process with bulk upload capabilities and templates that help steer exactly what data is required to start your journey
Build a central source for carbon accounting data and avoid the mess of carbon data existing in silos across departments
Unify all your sustainability data in one digital and digestible format. Storing and searching for paper documents is a thing of the past

Why is collecting emissions data essential?

Receive an accurate carbon footprint assessment

Accurate and transparent data is non-negotiable for an accurate carbon footprint assessment. By ensuring emissions data quality, accuracy, and consistency, companies can start their decarbonisation journey on the right path.

Identify emissions hotspots

Precise and regular emissions data collection allow companies to clearly highlight major emissions hotspots for their reduction plan. Tackling emission hotspots leads to immense sustainability improvements and impact.

Understand your scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Gain a deep understanding of the scopes of your emissions, and devise an action plan to transform and improve these scopes to reach your sustainability goals.

Start collecting carbon data seamlessly

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