Bring the forest back

80% of the world’s forests have already been destroyed.
There is no Plan B for our planet. It’s time to act.

The job of trees

Illustration of a forest

We take trees for granted. Maybe you climbed them as a child, or watched your cat run up tree trunks in the garden. Perhaps you have fond memories of hiking through the woods on holidays. Little do we know as children, the vital role that trees play in sustaining the life of the planet.

Illustration of a forest being cut

Trees are our most important asset. They are the lungs of the earth cleaning and creating the air we breathe.

No more trees

They regulate the climate by absorbing the sun’s energy (keeping us cool in summer) and making it rain by taking water from the soil and releasing it into the atmosphere. Busy life, right?

So what’s the issue? Deforestation.

420 mln 420 mln acres lost in 20 yrs
80% 80% of forest species will be extinct in 25 yrs
100 yrs no rainforests will be left in 100 yrs
No time to waste. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make real change.

Take part in our challenge

Protect our forests in the fight against climate change

The funds from this campaign will help us plant 100,000 trees across the world.

Help us plant 100,000 trees across the world.

Want to be part of it? Choose how many trees you wish to plant.

20 trees Donate 10 EUR
60 trees Donate 30 EUR
80 trees Donate 40 EUR
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With the help of our partners we will plant 100,000 trees in 4 continents: South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

To read more about our charity selection process, visit our About page.

Do you believe that Owl Faced Monkeys and Yellow Tigers should live a safe and happy life?

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