This month, Plan A is working with Awely to raise funds and awareness for the protection of elephants, gorillas and tigers. Three projects - located in Cameroon, DR Congo and India - will help local communities and wildlife to coexist more peacefully.

With more than two third of wildlife gone already, there’s no more time to waste. We must act upon this human-induced mass extinction event and do our part to protect and restore some of the most noble representatives of life on Earth.

The BIG TEETH, BIG HEARTS campaign will raise €10,000 to achieve one thing, and one thing only: Saving elephants, gorillas and tigers from almost certain extinction. Help us today.


Only 17% of gorillas live in protected areas today.


From 5 million to 415,000 elephants in less than 100 years.


Global tiger population is down 97% to 3,200 individuals.


Tigers may go extinct by 2022, the next Chinese calendar year of the tiger.

We can still change this. Make a donation today.

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The BIG TEETH, BIG HEARTS campaign supports the development of three human
and wildlife coexistence projects in India, Cameroon and DR Congo.

Through education initiatives and infrastructure creation,

Awely mitigates conflict between wildlife and humans.

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Our partner

Our partner Awely is already on the ground laying the foundations for the supported projects. They will also be there after the funding to provide on-the-ground feedback and updates on the initiatives.

To read more about our charity selection process, visit our About page.

You may not know it, but an elephant needs you right now.

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