Company sustainability just became a whole lot easier.

We help you measure, reduce and offset your business carbon footprint whilst creating an employee culture of sustainability.

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Where do you stand on your sustainability journey?

Are you on the right track to make real sustainable change? Does your company tick all these boxes off?

Carbon emissions tracking system

Control your footprint

Understand your environmental impact to create a sustainable action plan.

Green electricity provider

Become carbon neutral

We help you reduce your carbon footprint by recommending strategic actions according to your company's profile.

Cycle-to-work incentive

Disrupt old habits

Use sustainable actions to encourage more conscious and productive routines and shake negative habits off.

Sustainability team

Create a common goal

Align all members of your company around common and meaningful footprint reduction objectives.

Flight offsetting programme

Get certified carbon compensation

Calculate and compensate your environmental footprint with a network of trusted environmental organisations.

Periodic updates on sustainability efforts

Communicate your efforts

Learn to face the facts and celebrate sustainable successes with your team and customers.

We help you build a sustainable business

  • Measure
  • Reduce
  • Offset
  • Engage

Measure and monitor your company’s footprint.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. First, create your company environmental footprint and visualise all your metrics in one place.

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  • Measure
  • Reduce
  • Offset
  • Engage

Reduce your impact and implement sustainable action.

We generate a tailored action plan facilitating sustainable action that involves every stakeholder in your business.

Action Plan screen illustration
  • Measure
  • Reduce
  • Offset
  • Engage

Offset what you can’t reduce.

Alongside reducing your company’s footprint, offset remaining emissions with Gold Standard certified projects chosen for their impact.

Offsetting projects screen illustration
  • Measure
  • Reduce
  • Offset
  • Engage

Engage your team with a global cause.

Help your team fight climate change and create a culture of consciousness, optimisation and healthy living in your company.

Action Plan with selected items screen illustration

One account includes

  • Monthly carbon calculation
  • Monthly carbon footprint report including breakdown and trend overview
  • Industry and environmental benchmarks
  • Tailored sustainability action plan
  • Carbon offsetting schemes with certified projects
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Businesses who trust Plan A

“As a tech company, we were surprised to discover that it’s not our product that emits the most CO2 emissions but our office space and our employees”

Bijan Masha

Dr. Smile

We are a data-driven company

We use data to provide the most efficient way into sustainability for companies. We feed our model a growing amount of public and private data to create an optimised roadmap for each of our client.

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We work with the most transparent climate organisations

Our environmental partners are the front line defenders in the fight against climate change. We collaborate closely with project owners, report on impact and make this relationship transparent. We support organisations to innovate and implement solutions that create a more just resilient and sustainable future for all.

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