Reduce your company's carbon footprint

Act on your sustainability strategy and make incremental progress towards your net-zero goals. Our tailored reduction plans curate specific actions to tangibly reduce your emissions.

Climate actions speak louder than words

Reducing emissions is about translating climate targets and net-zero pledges into concrete actions. Making pledges is not enough so it is important to act on decarbonisation targets to demonstrate a credible sustainable commitment to your shareholders, stakeholders and the rest of the world.

Plan A provides hundreds of unique action cards tailored to reducing your company's emission hotspots. You don't need to guess on how to take action, we provide all the insights for you to reach your targets.
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Our solution

Tailored reduction plan to reach net-zero

Reduce your carbon footprint through selection of tailored decarbonisation levers provided by sustainability experts that can best address your company's specific needs.
Kickstart your company’s reduction plan with our dedicated Action Cards. Simply select them and create a roadmap to reach net-zero by your respective target.
Track your progress on your dashboard and gain valuable insights with projections of your future emissions.

Why is reducing your carbon footprint important?

Cut CO2 = cut costs

Benefit from long-term cost savings by reducing operational expenses and compensation costs.

Avoid greenwashing and walk the talk

Strengthen the company’s credibility and demonstrate sustainable leadership by taking real climate action and transforming your business for the better.

Climate compliance

Avoiding carbon taxes and future litigation as ETS and carbon taxes are on the rise. The price per metric ton of carbon increased from $10.53 to $95 between 2018 and 2022.

Improve employer branding

Companies saw up to 13% increase in employee's production and 50% reduction in fluctuation after implementing a net-zero strategy. They also demonstrated higher retention rates, higher productivity and motivation.
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Reduce emissions to reach net-zero

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