Your carbon management platform to reach net-zero

Reduce emissions and see real business results with a certified platform and tailored support from decarbonisation and carbon accounting experts.
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Easily collect and consolidate your emissions data

Data collection that saves you time. Streamline your emissions data and ensure complete data accuracy and transparency across your organisation.

Identify your emissions hotspots

Calculate emissions across all scopes and categories under the GHG Protocol and the latest climate science. Analyse and compare your emissions across facilities, subsidiaries, and business units and identify hotspots easily.
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Report on your emissions, align with CSRD

Get an annual emissions report that outlines your scope 1, 2, and 3 and shows how you are progressing against your net-zero goals. If you need to report under CSRD, we help you navigate through every step of your CSRD journey with the right support.

Set decarbonisation targets aligned with science

Set science-based targets and break them down into manageable objectives for different scopes or business units. Leverage our software platform and engage with our experts to define and meet your reduction targets.
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Decarbonise your business with a tailored plan

Harness a decarbonisation pathway that is tailored to your business. Select and prioritise the actions with the highest reduction potential to achieve your targets.
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Achieve data-driven sustainability

Stay competitive by monitoring your sustainability progress and refining your strategy over time. By reducing carbon emissions and adopting decarbonisation plans, you can secure your company's future as our global economy transitions to net-zero.
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Products & Services

Save time, resources, and focus on real impact

Data Collection
Assisted data input
Consolidate all your emissions data in one dashboard and fill any initial data gaps.
Suppliers module
Engage your suppliers to reduce emissions and achieve real impact on your Scope 3 goals.
ESG report
Prepare for key ESG reporting frameworks such as EU Taxonomy, NFRD, SFRD or CSRD.
Decarbonisation strategy building
Develop a detailed decarbonisation strategy to achieve your sustainability targets.
Data mapping services
Available support on data mapping efforts. Guidance on data sourcing, validation, and data transformation.
Our sustainability experts

Accelerate your path to decarbonisation

Speak with our team and join the growing number of forward-thinking companies using Plan A to achieve their decarbonisation goals