Online course for sustainability in the software & IT industry

Join the first sustainability crash course designed for the software and IT industry. Learn how to turn decarbonisation into a competitive advantage and risk mitigation.
Happened in December 2022 and available on demand.

The software & IT industry is responsible for 2-3% of global GHG emissions. By 2040, it will constitute 15% of global emissions.
The challenge is how to meet the increasing demand for energy while reducing GHG emissions. Companies taking advantage of sustainability and ESG reporting will become solid players and innovators in the sector. It is expected that companies will have to report on environmental and ESG performance under existing and upcoming regulations. Companies willing to gain competitive advantage have to start now.

Plan A supports hundreds of companies such as N26, Trivago, Sorare, Payhawk and Jokr to take this leadership by implementing a scientific and data-driven approach to sustainability.
Who is this for?

A programme designed for the change-makers

CEOs and founders
Clients, employees, investors and partners all support and call for sustainable practices. A once-in-a-generation opportunity to pivot your company towards a more sustainable future.
Sustainability officers
Drive the sustainability agenda for your company. Engage employees, stakeholders and shareholders to implement innovative climate action and policies.
Finance managers
Meet both investors' and stakeholders' expectations. Manage financial risk & increase the company's resilience by developing finance strategy in line with ESG.

Learning highlights from the Programme

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The main sustainability opportunities in the fashion industry.
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How to start or improve your sustainability strategy.
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The best practices and tools to structure your company’s environmental data.
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The main emission sources of your industry.
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The key corporate sustainability concepts and regulations to know.
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The best practices to reduce emissions as a Services company
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How sustainability leaders perform in your industry.
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The importance of ESG reporting and compliance to future-proof your business and gain value.

Unlock must-have climate resources for your company

Learn everything there is to know about ESG and decarbonisation in the business services industry.
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The advantages to act on net-zero goals

Companies succeeding in implementing sustainability strategies at scale, and acting on net-zero pledges, will benefit from early-mover advantages:
Attract better talent
by using Plan A’s carbon management software & automated reporting
access higher-growth segments
compound annual growth rate of sales growth for "green" products
Reduce emissions
of emission reduction at net zero cost in key sectors
Resources & insights

4 steps to improve your knowledge and take action

The industry

Receive a 1-pager detailing the Fashion industry's main challenges, risks, opportunities related to sustainability and decarbonisation. The document also covers the industry's typical emission sources, which represent the hotspots on which companies can work on to take serious climate action.

Corporate Sustainability

The Sustainability Programme begins with a curation of resources about the role of business in climate change, the drivers for decarbonisation, and explanation of key concepts. Learn about carbon accounting, ESG, and net-zero journeys.

Case studies

Discover best practices from industry actors that take action to gain a competitive advantage. They implemented carbon accounting, decarbonisation strategies and processes to constantly improve their strategy and impact.


Get live high quality content and interactions during a 1 hour sustainability industry-specific masterclass hosted by climate experts. The second half of this private event will consist in a Questions and Answer session to give you the opportunity to confirm the knowledge you get from the Programme.
+3000 professionals trained

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Read what past participants had to say

“Thanks, this programme is a good kickstart for many companies that don't know what to do first. The content was widely helpful and I have been recommending the programme to my colleagues.”
"This was my first introduction to the concrete links between finance and sustainability/decarbonisation. I feel this will be game changer for us, we’re setting up a multidisciplinary taskforce to start modelling the ROI of reducing our emissions."
Thanks to this programme, I now feel more confident as the head of sustainability to discuss strategic topics with the leadership of the company!”
“You are doing such a great, unique and essential job. I love all your learning resources, engaging communication and the enormous impact you have on positive environmental change. I am grateful I have discovered you. Thank you for this course and everything.
“It was great to learn more about carbon reductions / net-zero in tech sector. I found the resource section especially helpful.
“I would like to thank all the Plan A team members who contributed to the Software & IT Sustainability Programme. It was a beneficial content and webinar, there were some good examples and information mentioned.
“There is a lot of information out there so it was invaluable to get this curated and expert content to align on the key concepts before exploring the operational side of carbon accounting.
“I want to share my special regards and appreciation to the team for designing such a wonderful program. As the person in charge of implementing corporate sustainable practices at our company, this program will be my starting point. I will keep you posted on my developments.
“I liked that the content was self-paced and easily accessible to read vs having to watch videos. I also appreciated the diversity of links and the differentiation of some content by region.
“The resources were really useful and easy to action within my company.
“First of all: thank you !! The resources where very interesting and adapted to different levels of awareness. Keep doing what you're doing.
“Thank you so much for creating this program, it has helped me bridge a knowledge gap I had especially around the drive to Net Zero.
About us

Our mission is to facilitate the sustainable transition of the global economy

Plan A is a software provider that has developed an award-winning decarbonisation and ESG optimisation SaaS platform to empower businesses to reach their net-zero goals.

Combining cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific standards and methodologies (GHG Protocol compliant, TÜV Rheinland certified), Plan A automates CO2 emissions calculation, carbon reduction planning, and ESG reporting in an end-to-end platform.

Plan A is B-Corp certified and thus demonstrably adheres to strict social, governance and environmental standards.
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Sustainability Objectives and Commitments

Build the company of the future

Learn everything there is to know about decarbonisation in your industry.
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