Sustainable Friday: Tips from the Plan A office

Sustainable Friday: Tips from the Plan A office - Part 2.

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Hugging a tree a day, keeps the doctor away.

"I can't wait for the weekend to begin" hums the music in the office. What are your plans this weekend? Organising a vegan feast with your friends, or going for a delightful walk in the forest? In this second edition, the Plan A team shares their tips to become a Master Sensei of sustainable living. Life is beautiful, so let's enjoy it together.

Sustainable Tip #3. Embrace nature, hug a tree.

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Amy, our project management officer, tells us an inspiring sustainable tip story. One day, with nine friends, she went to the Rainforest park, in Yarra Valley, to explore the beautiful nature. As they were walking, they found this giant "Rowan" tree and decided to form a circle around its trunk, to hug it. This moment, made her realise the importance of being close to nature and pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. 

To cope with social distancing, the Icelandic Forestry Service has a solution for you: hug a tree instead of people. Spending time in nature has numerous benefits for both mind and body. However, be careful to do not hug the first tree you see, someone might have embraced it before you. 

In Japan, many people follow a practice called "Shinrin Yoku". In simple terms: A short walk in the forest makes you healthier and more energetic. Why? Simply because woods emit oils in the air names phytoncides, increasing the number of immune cells in your body. These cells help to fight disease and decrease anxiety, stress, depression and reduce blood sugar levels. The freshest air you can bring is under a tree, so, gather your friends this weekend for some good old tree-hugging sessions. 

Sustainable Tip #4. Go vegan and reduce your carbon footprint by 70%

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Edgar, our talented graphic designer, tells us how he switched to a vegan diet step-by-step. As he states, he did not become vegan overnight, as everyone would dream of doing. He first started as a vegetarian, and then slowly shifted to a completely vegan diet. Become healthier, happier and better for the planet by following his advice. 

A vegan diet is composed of plants and grains, or any food made out of plants. This diet excludes all animals and animal-derived products. Cutting out animal products can reduce your carbon footprint by 73%, as well as providing multiple health benefits:

1. Lose weight.

2. Lower blood sugar levels.

3. Improve kidney function.

4. Reduce the risk of colon and breast cancers.

5. Lower the risks of heart diseases.

The list of benefits is infinite, so why not try a vegan diet this weekend?

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