Eine Karriere, die zu Ihren Werten passt

Wir sind auf der Suche nach außergewöhnlichen Menschen, die etwas bewirken und zu einer echten Veränderung der Welt beitragen wollen.

We are Plan A

At Plan A, we aspire to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change by decarbonising the global economy. Leveraging tech and science, we empower companies to reduce their carbon emissions, balance people, planet, and profit, and ultimately become leaders in a net-zero world. If you are looking for a purpose-driven job, then come and join our mission.
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Wir befähigen

Wir bewirken einen Wandel zum Besseren, indem wir gemeinsam mit Gleichgesinnten und Stakeholdern handeln.
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„Es besteht ein großer Bedarf an Sensibilisierung und Aufklärung im Bereich der unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeit, und wir sind in der Lage, Interessengruppen aus der Wirtschaft mit Klimawissenschaft und Daten zu verbinden, um sie auf ihrer Nachhaltigkeitsreise zu unterstützen.“
Growth Marketing Manager

Wir arbeiten zusammen

Wir verbinden die Punkte miteinander und gehen unsere komplexe Mission mit Courage an.
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“We collaborate, because collaboration is a critical factor for success and creating a good working environment for the team”
Operations Manager

Wir sind positiv

Freundlichkeit, Selbstreflexion und unsere optimistische Einstellung zeichnen uns aus.
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„Der Klimawandel ist ein ernstes Thema und es kann leicht passieren, schwarzmalerisch zu werden. Plan A legt alles daran, die positive Einstellung und den Glauben daran aufrechtzuerhalten, dass diese Probleme gelöst werden können.“
Engineering Manager

Wir halten, was wir versprechen

Wir werden unserer Vorbildfunktion gerecht, indem wir Menschen, Planet und Profit auf nachhaltige Weise in Einklang bringen.
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„Ich bin stolz darauf, Teil eines der bestbewerteten B-Corp-Unternehmen zu sein und dass wir unsere eigene Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative mit Nachdruck vorantreiben.“
Sales Development Manager

Wir sind Pioniere

Wir weisen mit unseren wissenschaftlich fundierten Lösungen den Weg, eine Vorreiterrolle im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel zu spielen.
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“It is exciting to be at the forefront of Greentech efforts.”
Senior UX Designer

Join our team

Sustainability Solutions
Introducing our Tech and Product team, a blend of diverse tech stacks, including UI/UX, Data Engineering, and our Sustainability Solutions experts. Our focus is clear: delivering innovative, top-notch solutions for our customers. We follow the agile methodology, harnessing the latest technology frameworks, and implementing high-quality coding practices.
Design team Plan A
Tech team in Plan A
Sustainability team in Plan A
Customer Success
The Commercial teams are a vibrant and adaptable force driven by creativity and a commitment to decarbonise businesses of various branches and sizes. The Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, and Solutions Engineering teams work collaboratively to execute and convey our mission to both prospects and clients.
Customer success team in Plan A
Sales development team in Plan A
Marketing team for Plan A
People & Culture
Office of the CEO
Our key business administration departments—Finance & Operations, People & Organisation, Legal, and the Office of the CEO—work collectively to ensure Plan A's operational efficiency, financial stability, and overall well-being. From managing finances to fostering a positive work environment, ensuring legal compliance, and overseeing strategic decisions, these teams contribute significantly to our organisation's success.
Operations team in Plan A
Plan A workplace philosophy

Plan A is a pan-European company

Enjoy the perks of remote work but always feel free to join us in our offices in Berlin, Paris, London, and Munich, as well as in other cities in Europe.
Your development with us
MY Plan A

Empowering your career journey

Introducing MyPlanA, our career progression framework crafted to empower employees through customised opportunities and support, ensuring success in their professional journey. Our comprehensive approach to career development takes into account your individual mix of ambitions, performance, and talent, shaping both your present role and future aspirations. Through our annual assessment cycle, dedicated reflections, and feedback sessions, we provide you with the flexibility to navigate your career path while offering guidance and resources for continuous development.
Partnerships manager shows idea
two employees sat at a desk working together
Internship Programme

Join our internship programme and become a Greentech Pioneer

Beyond your daily tasks, seize the opportunity to explore diverse topics related to Plan A's work, gaining insights that go beyond the ordinary. Dive into the inner workings of different departments through monthly coffee chats centered around various topics and engage in peer coaching to understand collaborative dynamics. We’re aming at elevating your learning experience and contribute to the sustainable future we're building at Plan A.
Lead in Training

Boost your leadership skills: Foster innovation, collaboration, and excellence

Through our Lead in Training programme, we ensure that all leaders at Plan A cultivate quality leadership skills and understand the management role within Plan A’s culture. Acquire valuable skills while making a lasting impact on the success of our teams.
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What you can expect
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Contribution to a bigger purpose

Push the needle on climate action by contributing to the success of our carbon management and ESG software!
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We value collaboration over competition

You will become part of a collaborative and cross-functional environment, where we regularly share knowledge.
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We make sure that you have enough time and tools to focus on yourself

Every employee benefits from our free time policy; 30-days working from anywhere, annual educational leave and sabbatical leave, employee stock options (VSOP) and a company pension.
icon of office building

Work remotely, in-office, or a bit of both thanks to our hybrid working structure

Enjoy our top-notch, fully equipped offices in Berlin, Paris, London, and Munich.
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Plan A Employee headshot
“I feel the care, enthusiasm, and knowledge of my colleagues"
"Plan A also cares about the employee’s sustainable development. You can see this care reflected in the benefit package. For example, the psychological support, the pension scheme, and the flexible working conditions.”
CO₂-Bilanzierung Experte
Plan A Employee headshot
“Plan A combines professionalism and passion"
"Our mission is not just a statement, but is truly embedded in everyone's everyday work life and interactions. During my hiring process, I felt well-accompanied, I got to know all of the members of Plan A I have very regular contact with now, and most importantly received the opportunity to evaluate myself if Plan A would be a fit for me and my requirements.”
Head of People & Culture
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“I am grateful to work for a company that values open communication"
“I am grateful to work for a company that values open communication, and learning from highly talented and dedicated people. As a team, we are passionate about sustainability and are determined to leverage our diverse expertise to turn corporate data into climate action, tackling the most complex crisis of our time. The team empowers us to make the most of these opportunities. I joined the team two years ago and I regularly felt the chance to develop within the organisation.”
Partnership Manager
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“For me, Plan A is a big family with a common purpose"
"I especially like the people at Plan A and that I can grow as an engineer while serving a valuable purpose. I was first hired as a WordPress developer to build the Plan A Academy but I didn’t really want to develop that technology skill. Plan A gave me the opportunity to work on the product and learn React. It gave a big boost to my career.”
Frontend Developer
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"I am impressed by the lovely and creative people at Plan A"
"Everyone here has one mission that drives them. We are truly collaborating at Plan A and everyone is welcome to contribute with their ideas, no matter their role or position. I remember that when I started at Plan A the onboarding was very well-prepared and directly helped me to get up to date quickly. Not to forget the new joiner's lunch on the first day, where I met a big part of the people working at Plan A."
Principal Engineering
recruiting process

Recruiting process

We would like to get to know you, learn more about your skills and find out what motivates you. Our recruiting process is customised by role. The recruiting steps can be reversed, skipped, or extra steps can be added. Here is a broad overview of what you can expect:
diagram of recruiting process: initial interview, technical interview, case study/coding task, team and/or panel interview, meet Plan A's CEO Lubomila
icon of eye
We aim to be as transparent as possible during the recruitment process. Every candidate will receive a recruitment guide at the beginning of the process to navigate them through each step of the hiring process and we make sure to provide valuable feedback at the end of the process.
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Diversity and inclusion
At Plan A we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and encourages you to be you. We believe that businesses should represent the world we want to live in, and so we encourage applications from people of different ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities and physical or neurodiversity.
icon of scales
We treat each candidate the same way. This means that we give every candidate the same chance from the beginning until the end in the recruitment process. It also means that we are honest with the candidate on the position and check if it aligns with the candidate’s expectation.
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Dan Khan
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager -  Commercial roles
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Mélina Fodor
Talent Acquisition Manager - Product and Tech roles
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