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Supporting AMPECO as a sustainability leader in the EV charging software industry

Scope 1 & 2 reduction by 2025
AMPECO is a global EV charging management software leader
Net-Zero Emissionen
Bis 2030

Enable AMPECO to optimise operations to achieve their ambitious commitment of net-zero emissions by 2030

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Vollständiger CO₂-Fußabdruck, Berichterstattung und Reduzierung
November 2023

AMPECO provides a white-label and hardware-agnostic EV charging management platform that enables large-scale EV charging providers to launch and scale their business operations under their own brand. Their platform supports public, private, and home charging and has a strong focus on security, flexibility and scalability. Headquartered in Bulgaria – with operations in multiple countries including France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the US – AMPECO has a team of over 140 people. Having recently ranked #100 within the FT1000 ranking for fastest-growing companies, AMPECO supports more than 150 charging network operators across 57 markets as of May 2024.

The AMPECO EV charging platform dashboard

Committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030, AMPECO became a B Corp certified business in 2023 and rated Silver in its inaugural EcoVadis assessment. This demonstrated a dedication to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Accordingly, AMPECO partnered with Plan A to ensure their growth did not come at the expense of such standards or the planet. Since then, Plan A has been instrumental in helping AMPECO gain a detailed understanding of its carbon footprint and in optimising its operations for better environmental outcomes.

“One of the key challenges we faced was comprehensively tracking and reporting our environmental impact as a fast growing business. Plan A's tools provided us with insights into our carbon emissions, energy usage, and other sustainability metrics. This not only helped us accurately measure our progress but also enabled us to identify areas for improvement and optimisation. Through our collaboration with Plan A, we've been able to streamline our sustainability efforts and drive positive environmental change within our industry. Their solutions have not only enabled us to overcome challenges but have also positioned us as leaders in the space of sustainable software solutions”
Petar Georgiev
Head of Sustainability

Before starting their 2023 carbon accounting processes, AMPECO identified a need for a new and more sophisticated approach to assist their emissions calculations and sustainability efforts. In their search for a ‘state-of-the-art’ digital tool to ensure a high level of accuracy, AMPECO selected Plan A as their preferred carbon accounting tool.

Leveraging the Plan A Sustainability Platform, AMPECO was able to collect, input and store their emissions data within one centralised platform. Following the GHG protocol methodology, AMPECO were able to efficiently and accurately measure their emissions via the Plan A’s platform. These numbers were used in the creation of AMPECO’s annual sustainability report, whereby all GHG emissions data was verified by Plan A based upon their science-backed methodology certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This third-party verification has been an immensely valuable asset towards AMPECO’s stakeholders - employees, clients and investors.

AMPECO has subsequently leveraged the platform to draw valuable insights into their carbon emissions, energy usage, and other sustainability metrics. Utilising the intuitive dashboards and visualisations offered within the Plan A Sustainability Platform, AMPECO identified that Scope 3 emissions constitute the vast majority of the company's GHG emissions, which isn't unusual for a software company. Moreover, AMPECO realised that their biggest emission contributors were their data hosting services, various digital tools and services as well as business travel for client meetings and industry events.  Such an overview not only helped AMPECO accurately measure their progress, but also enabled them to identify critical areas for improvement and optimisation to drive their business forward.


As AMPECO continues to excel on their decarbonisation journey with the support of Plan A, they continue to realise the positive benefits of sustainable transformation – such as their B Corp certification in 2023 which recognises the company's genuine commitment to balancing profit with purpose. Three key achievements AMPECO has realised since utilising Plan A include:

  1. Streamlined carbon accounting: AMPECO now has a centralised space for managing their carbon emissions. This means they are able to store, enter, track and measure their emissions data within one centralised hub – rather than manually messy spreadsheets or alike.
  2. Time saved on data entry: While there was still a lot of manual entry, the platform has saved AMPECO "a significant amount" of time with their data entry. In doing so, AMPECO was able to spend more time on what they’re best at - building the EV charging software platform of choice for large-scale charging network operators across the globe.
  3. Improved brand perception: AMPECO is now a clear cut leader in sustainability for companies who are providing software solutions in the EV charging space. While a niche, this "layer" in the e-mobility ecosystem is critical and it connects with virtually every single actor.

AMPECO has simultaneously achieved greater transparency via effective sustainability reporting. Their recent publication of a 2023 Sustainability Report leverages valuable insights from the Plan A Sustainability Platform (e.g. their 471t CO2e company carbon footprint) to facilitate a greater level of transparency regarding their sustainability progress to their stakeholders.

Further detailed in their report, AMPECO has leveraged emissions insights to identify areas for improvement and drive decarbonisation progress. For example, AMPECO is making strong progress toward optimising cloud usage and running their platform more efficiently in order to reach their goal of reducing their operational (Scope 1 & 2) emissions by 50% by 2025 compared to 2022. Ultimately, the EV charging software powerhouse passes on its sustainability efforts and emission savings to their enterprise level clients as part of their value chain.

Plan A is supporting AMPECO on their sustainability journey

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