4 lessons we learned from "Meet the Giants #1: Salesforce"

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Climate Action is Everyone's Business.

Last Thursday 28th January, Plan A launched its "Meet the Giants" event series. For its first edition, Plan A hosted Salesforce, in partnership with GreenTech Alliance, to answer the big question: "How to achieve sustainability in 2021?". Many sustainability enthusiasts joined the discussion with Lubomila Jordanova (CEO and Co-Founder of Plan A), Christian Leffin (Strategic Customer Advisor, Office of the CEO at Salesforce) and Patrick Flynn (VP of sustainability). For late joiners, we have prepared a streamed video and a small recap so you can spread the sustainable knowledge.

How to achieve sustainability in 2021?

#1 - Climate action on a professional and individual level

"Every stakeholder has to focus on what they do best for climate action, even at an individual level."

Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability at Salesforce.

We will repeat it never enough: climate action must be achieved on a professional and individual level. During the event, Christian Leffin expressed: “Everyone can do something. It is important to have conversations with others who don’t have the same opinion.” Perspectives indeed vary when it comes to sustainability, and it is crucial to engage all stakeholders in a meaningful conversation towards climate change. Each one of us has the power to shape a more sustainable future, and it starts now. Companies must integrate sustainability at their core DNA, while individuals shall be aware and conscious of their daily choices.

"Every business knows they have to act, the need to act is at the CEO, CTO level. And still, companies do not know where to start.”

Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability at Saleforce.

Looking for more inspiring resources? Download the Sustainability at Home Playbook of Salesforce

#2 - Optimistic Future

“If look at the data and you are still optimistic, then you don't understand the math.”

Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability at Salesforce.

One essential question remains: "Are you optimistic about the future?". We believe that there is no right or wrong answer, but it is worth spending time thinking of it. When looking at scientific reports and climate data, the amount of work remaining to achieve a carbon-neutral future is overwhelming. The world's state is not improving, but we can still adverse climate change worst effects. In conclusion, we can feel optimistic about the future, but we have to act faster; otherwise, the next generations will have to suffer the consequences of our global inaction.

"One thing that comes to my mind is that we can be optimistic about our future, but we have to act faster."

Christian Leffin, Strategic Customer Advisor, Office of the CEO at Salesforce

#3 - The Rise of Climate Data

“Climate data is going to have to be on the same level as financial data.”

Christian Leffin, Strategic Customer Advisor, Office of the CEO at Salesforce.

This quote truly reflects the importance of climate data. In a world where financial data monitor financial markets, it is legitimate to ask for the same quantity and quality for climate data. Decisions about climate change are complex, costly and have long-term implications. It is, therefore, vital that such decisions are based on the best available evidence. We need to understand the quality and provenance of that evidence, and whether any assumptions have been made in generating it.

#4 - Protect and Preserve our ecosystems

"Our natural ecosystems presents the best solution to adverse the effects of climate change. We are planting trees and doing this through young ecopreneurs that use new technologies."

Patrick Flynn, VP of Sustainability at Salesforce

Natural ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients, and provide food. Ecosystems are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies. It's that simple: we could not live without these “ecosystem services”. Therefore, finding resources in our natural ecosystems presents the best solution to fight climate change. Initiatives like reforestation, biodiversity preservation, rewilding are viable solutions and can be monitored with new technologies.

Stay tuned for our next "Meet the Giants" event. In the meantime, you can achieve sustainability with Plan A's carbon management software. Request a demo here, or hop on a chat with us.

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