5 Graphs to Understand Climate Change

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At least one of them is true.

How can one understand climate change? Thanks to the work of data analysts and visual designers, we are now capable of providing a perfect representation of climate change in real time, alongside some recommendations by the most influential stakeholders of the sustainable transition.

1. Numbers of Trump tweets I plan on reading this year

Smart scientists have been studying the account of the POTUS and have released a monthly recommended dosage of Twitter. Their work revealed a clear correlation between unfounded climate scepticism, a strong traffic surge from Sub-arctic Russian regions and the number of read tweets. Thank to this scientific team, we now have a much clearer visibility and healthy recommendation for our presidential tweet consumption.

2. What I get told when I pull my non-disposable cutlery

Non-disposable cutlery, also known as regular cutlery, doesn’t fail to cause reactions. Sustainability expert Scarlett O. measured her experience, noting and categorising what messages people with cutlery receive from society in Europe. The findings were surprising, yet not entirely unexpected.

3. Consequences of sustainability on world order

In a groundbreaking study, the Committee for Advanced Research on Policies and Evolutions for a Definitely Incredible and Exciting Macrocosm (CARPEDIEM) determined the consequences of sustainable action on world stability. The data analysts ran all of the predictive models including intense sustainable action against hypotheses ranging from a destroyed economy to a happy world for all. The findings were again a big surprise, although it confirmed what 97% of scientists suspected before the study.

4. Correlation between Mozzarella and Civil Engineers

A study conducted on civil engineering doctorate and consumption of mozzarella finally demonstrated a direct relationship between cheese and intelligence. The world – particularly France and Italy – was waiting for this information to finally ramp up its production of the fermented product. Scientists have yet to understand what ingredient in mozzarella is causing all these doctorates, nonetheless, it is safe to say we are on the trail to a better, cheesier society.

5. Polar bears who believe in climate change

Polar bears are now overwhelmingly convinced by climate change. From very low levels of awareness at the turn of the century, bears from across countries and frontiers are unanimous: climate change is happening. Notable too, a side question of the study “Should we do something about it?” received a banana republic-style score of 99.9% of people agreeing either strongly or very strongly. Climate change now occupies the unenviable position of biggest concern among polar bears, continuing its rapid ascension in front of “seal intelligence” and “finding a place to sleep for 5 months”.

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