Playlist for the planet: 2000's pop music revival

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Drop it like it's hot.

Embrace the Thursday night fever, with our Playlist for the planet, curated by our exceptional social media manager and DJ, Noémie. The 2000s might have been the best decade for pop music, or at least it is her favourite one. She has selected for you the best hits from the decade. The beats will make you dance, and sing while triggering some good old memories.

The history of pop music

Pop music has become much more than a simple carpool karaoke. The 2000s was the boom of teen music, through the Disney club mini-stars: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. It soon shifted due to the influence of R&B and hip hop beats, with musicians like Rihanna. Now, styles of the 1980s are influencing the most recent pop music charts.

Pop music is a diverse representation of music genres and trends. It gathers sounds that should not be married together but still works perfectly. Today, popular music is as rich as our multicultural world. The possibilities are endless and infinite. So why not, starting a pop music style that embodies sustainability? Imagine a beautiful song on polar bears.

Please don't stop the music

The music is making you "lose control" with Les Rythmes Digitales, while making you "fall in love" with Jay Z and Beyonce, again. Shake your lovely humps on the rhythm of the Black Eyed Peas, answer the telephone as Lady Gaga is calling you to find an " American Boy" with Estelle. You are going "crazy" "one more time" on Daft Punk beats, because "oops you did it again", as Britney Spears is singing it. But do not worry, "we are your friends" is playing Justice.

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