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Aligning company growth to sustainability with Payhawk

Baseline emissions measurement for 2021
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Engaged in decarbonisation process

Ensuring company growth is achieved with sustainability at its core

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Full carbon footprint (scope 1, 2, 3), reporting & reduction
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July 2021

Payhawk is serious about its sustainability goals. Partnering with Plan A was one of its commitments to bringing transparency, accountability, and action to its net-zero targets.

The first-ever Bulgarian unicorn has made waves in Europe and beyond with its all-in-one financial management solution for companies. The company’s product is consolidating what would be several financial services into one comprehensive platform. As Payhawk exponentially grows, it intends to consciously align its growth with sustainability. Thus, its employees are equally engaged in the mission to become a green financial solution for all.

"Plan A has given us immense support in streamlining our carbon accounting processes and reporting. They provided us with the tools to measure our company's emissions, assess our decarbonisation potential, and prepare for the regulatory shifts impacting our ever increasing international footprint."
Hristo Borisov
CEO, Payhawk

Experiencing hyper-growth often leaves you susceptible to increasing your company’s carbon emissions. In the case of Payhawk, the challenge is to ensure that the company’s growth is achieved with sustainability at the forefront of its DNA and operations. 

To start its decarbonisation journey, the fintech company partnered with Plan A to use its carbon accounting and sustainability reporting platform. After collecting emissions data in four offices in Europe, the platform automatically calculated Payhawk emissions baseline across all scopes. 

The latter provided Payhawk with a baseline understanding of their emissions, to measure and reduce against. Based on the solution outcomes, Payhawk can now engage their 200+ employees on the topic of decarbonisation and power emissions reduction across the entire organisation.


The collaboration between the European Unicorn and Plan A is a milestone for decarbonisation in the fintech sector. 

Our carbon management platform provided Payhawk with a complete baseline emissions measurement for 2021 (including emissions data for 4 offices and 200+ employees). Based on the results, Payhawk will dive into deep decarbonisation processes and establish a decarbonisation plan. To keep the entire organisation up-to-date and motivated towards the same net-zero goals, Plan A provided engagement tools and strategies for employees and stakeholders. 

Payhawk will not stop at the environmental criteria for its company but rather asses its entire ESG performance to uncover current and future opportunities. This will serve as a basis to develop its ESG strategy (primarily to be ahead of regulatory shifts in the region).

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