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Setting robust targets and implementing decarbonisation strategies is critical for companies wanting to reach sustainability success. Our comprehensive Target Setting and Decarbonisation Playbook, meticulously crafted and reviewed by Plan A's sustainability experts, guides you through every step of the process.

Inside the Whitepaper: Your Target Setting and Decarbonisation Playbook

Navigate your decarbonisation journey with ease. This playbook includes:

  • Where to start: Initial steps, leadership commitment, carbon emission assessments, and planning.
  • Stating commitment: Board engagement, avoiding greenwashing, and communicating net-zero goals.
  • Executive buy-in: Highlighting ROI, setting up a decarbonisation budget, and strategic actions.
  • Planning to action: Reporting boundaries, implementing reduction actions, and continuous monitoring.
  • Target setting: Types of targets, setting suitable goals, and achieving science-based targets.
  • Iterative improvement: Long-term sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and adapting strategies.

Why it matters: The importance of target setting and decarbonisation for corporate sustainability

Embracing target setting and decarbonisation leads to the following:

  • Enhanced brand reputation: Strengthen your brand and attract eco-conscious customers.
  • Operational efficiency: Achieve cost savings through sustainable practices.
  • Risk mitigation: Staying ahead of regulations and investor expectations can reduce compliance risks and potential financial penalties.
  • Innovation and market opportunities: Sustainability drive innovation and open new business avenues.

Key points from the Playbook

  • Commitment from leadership: Engaging internal leadership is crucial to driving decarbonisation efforts and ensuring long-term commitment.
  • Assessment of carbon emissions: Understanding your company's carbon footprint is the first step in developing an effective reduction strategy.
  • Setting Science-based targets: Aligning targets with scientific recommendations ensures that your efforts contribute meaningfully to global climate goals.
  • Implementation of decarbonisation actions: Effective implementation requires prioritising impactful actions and continuous monitoring.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Engaging stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors, enhance the effectiveness of decarbonisation initiatives.
  • Continuous improvement: Decarbonisation is an iterative process that requires regular review, recalibration, and updating of targets.

Plan A: Your partner in decarbonisation and target-setting

At Plan A, we support your sustainability journey with advanced tools and expert guidance. With our leading sustainability platform, set realistic targets, implement effective decarbonisation strategies, and monitor progress to ensure you meet your decarbonisation goals.

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