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Web 3.0 emissions management and decarbonisation with Sorare

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Sorare is one of the leading global fantasy football games.
Net-zero company

Building the world's first net-zero game

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Measure emissions and set decarbonisation pathways to reach net-zero
Start Date
April 2022

Sorare’s goal as a leading next-gen sports entertainment company is to provide its community with a responsible and sustainable game. Sorare already ensures that the highest levels of transparency and security are provided for their game, so now the aim is to set the industry standard for sustainable practices among companies utilising blockchain technology. 

In addition, Sorare is determined to be a first-class partner in their ESG approach for the 250 clubs, leagues and sports organisations they have joined forces with – many of whom are increasingly investing in environmentally-conscious initiatives.

Sorare has been actively investigating additional measures to help achieve these goals, and partnering with Plan A is the natural next step towards net-zero. 

Most non-fungible technology (NFT) runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which used to be secured by a “proof-of-work” mechanism that is energy intensive. This is one of the main challenges of the network today. To combat this, Sorare has already migrated to scalability solutions, also known as second layers, which drastically reduce their environmental impact and have helped reduce the carbon footprint of each transaction by 99 percent.

Sorare is committed to further reducing emissions across all aspects of the business as they continue to grow. As they shift to green mobility, policies for business trip reduction and vendor selections to reduce their office transport-related emissions are implemented.

"By developing a science-based strategy with Plan A, our aim is to become the world's first net-zero gaming company. Plan A has already helped us tackle environmental challenges through automated reporting of our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for 2021 and beyond. We will also be leveraging Plan A’s software to understand the emission hotspots of our operations and derive science-based decarbonisation targets."
Nicolas Julia
CEO & Co-founder

Building the world's first net-zero game is not an easy task, but Sorare is ready to tackle the challenge with an aggressive and determined strategy.

To create transparency on the company’s emissions, Plan A calculated Sorare’s entire carbon footprint (including scopes 1, 2 and 3). Then, Plan A's carbon management platform made the emissions data input seamless thanks to automated integrations and custom APIs. Based on this carbon analysis, Sorare could determine a baseline for science-based targeting and set net-zero pathways.


Sorare starts its decarbonisation journey by centralising all its corporate carbon data on Plan A’s software dashboards (accessible in one-click for the entire company). This process is facilitated by the automation of data collection via bespoke integrations. Sorare now has insights into all facets of its company's emissions in one visual and comprehensive platform. Finally, Plan A’s experts create decarbonisation pathways and science-based target setting to enable the company to reduce emissions in line with scientific protocol.

Sorare is at the forefront of decarbonising the gaming industry and inspiring other major players to do the same.

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