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Decarbonising online payment systems with Mollie

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March 2022

Founded in 2004 and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mollie is a technology-based company processing payments for more than 130,000 clients. Mollie has a strong focus on technology, innovation, and reliability, with a key focus upon serving SMBs (Small and Midsize Businesses).  Mollie is constantly striving to empower and support their merchants through providing easy and accessible ways to simplify complicated financial services (online payments, flexible financing, powerful integrations), and much more. 

Whilst Mollie is a tech company that offers a leading payment-integration platform, they strongly recognise the importance of understanding the environmental impact of online payment systems and the actions that can be taken to minimise this impact. As such, Mollie is driven by a strong sense of responsibility to address environmental challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.  Mollie’s ethos is underpinned by a belief that sustainability encompasses more than just complying with environmental, social and governance factors. In a world where customers, employees, and stakeholders are increasingly concerned about how companies take a stand on environmental issues, a sustainable transition is inherently a strategic business decision. 

Mollie’s provision of best-in-class products has allowed over 130,000 companies to collaborate and make a positive impact on the world - with Mollie’s commitment to sustainability marking a collective effort towards a more sustainable future. As Mollie continues to grow, their partnership with Plan A ultimately reflects their commitment towards achieving net-zero through further reducing emissions across all aspects of their business. 

“Working with Plan A has been instrumental in kickstarting our sustainability journey at Mollie. They provided valuable support from the very beginning and have remained available to us every step of the way. What truly sets Plan A apart is their genuine passion for sustainability and commitment to driving real impact, even when this means pointing improvement areas to Mollie. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping us start from scratch and navigate the complexities of carbon calculation and sustainability. Plan A's team has always been accessible, offering prompt assistance and tailored solutions to our needs. The carbon calculation platform is user-friendly, making tracking our progress much simpler! We look forward to progressing in sustainability with Plan A by our side.”
Thaís Rodrigues Alves
Senior Product Partnerships Manager at Mollie and Lead of Captain Planet, Mollie's Employee Resource Group focused in sustainability

As one of Europe's fastest-growing payment service providers and a pioneer in the fintech industry, Mollie strives to counteract the vast environmental impact of the fintech industry that results from the immense energy required to operate data centres, servers and physical locations. However, Mollie strives to tackle this challenge through embracing innovative technology to translate such sustainability risks into opportunities, whilst embedding sustainability at the forefront of its strategy. 

To commence the decarbonisation journey, Mollie partnered with Plan A to create transparency around the company’s emissions through utilising our carbon accounting and sustainability reporting platform. Through automated integrations and custom APIs, Mollie’s data was seamlessly embedded within Plan A's carbon management platform. Based on such analysis, Plan A provided Mollie with an action plan so Mollie could determine a baseline for science-based target setting, set net-zero pathways, and thus accelerate decarbonisation. Meanwhile, Mollie has leveraged the power of Plan A’s platform to further understand the carbon hotspots of their operations. In doing so, Mollie has been able to map out and reduce the scope 3 emissions across their supply chain, thus enabling the company to reduce their emissions in line with scientific protocol.


Plan A and Mollie’s partnership is a vital step towards decarbonising the fintech sector. 

Plan A’s comprehensive carbon accounting, sustainability reporting and decarbonisation platform has allowed Mollie to easily measure and track their progress within their net zero journey. Meanwhile, the guidance of Plan A’s in-house experts has ensured that Mollie is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the world of carbon accounting and sustainability, whilst also providing tailored support to ensure Mollie’s stakeholders are up-to-date and motivated towards the same goals.

Plan A has assisted Mollie and its 750+ employees working across Europe to serve 130,000+ businesses to ensure sustainability is a core strategic focus. Mollie has ultimately been able to engage employees and ensure alignment through the effective development and implementation of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, thus mitigating significant negative financial and non-financial risk to the company and  cementing their label as a sustainability pioneer who will ultimately influence others to follow their lead.

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