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Businesses need visibility on their footprint, the planet needs decarbonisation. Automate and manage your ESG reporting with one software for all your sustainability needs.
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Our Offering

Made-to-measure sustainability for all businesses of any size

Each business is unique and finding a trusted partner for your impact is difficult. Engage with Plan A at the right pace and with the right type of service.
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Take control of your impact with this easy to adopt one-stop platform for measuring, monitoring and reducing your emissions.
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Streamline your company’s carbon and ESG reporting across multiple locations to create a coherent sustainability strategy.
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Centralise and automate carbon and ESG reporting for your portfolio, business units or subsidiaries.
What sets us apart

Frictionless non-financial reporting

Certified by:
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Automate and scale your data processing

Get more from your data. Our expertise in tech and data science allows you to extract the most accurate and real-time findings.
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A partner for your journey

Your commitment is in good hands. All along the way, Plan A follows your progress and enhances its reduction recommendations.
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Build a plan for decarbonisation

Create a tailored action plan to take your business to net-zero and beyond.
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“At Société Générale, we have made strong commitments in terms of carbon reduction , working with Plan A not only helps us to materialise these commitments but also to support and encourage women entrepreneurs in their project.”
Claire Calmejane,
Chief Innovation Officer
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“With Plan A we intend to measure, monitor and minimise our carbon footprint impact not only across our company operations but within our wider community.”
Andrew Shaw,
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“The thing I like about Plan A software is that it is very user-friendly, easy to understand so you dont have to study the software to be able to enter the data.”
Nicole Schwemmer,
Business Services Manager
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"Plan A has given us immense support in streamlining our carbon accounting processes and reporting. They provided us with the tools to measure our company's emissions, assess our decarbonisation potential, and prepare for the regulatory shifts impacting our ever increasing international footprint."
Hirsto Borisov,
Our process

Data to dashboard automation

Our process allows for maximum input and output flexibility, so you can let Plan A do the work and get just the report you need. Our data processor allows for multiple analyses to make the most out of your business intelligence.
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Build up the case for sustainability

Sustainability is not just about numbers. Engaging teams, growing your activities and driving change at every level of your organisation is an integral part of your action with Plan A. Explore our open resources and events to join our community.