Feeling tired of being in a company that doesn’t align with your values? Instead of changing companies, why don’t you change yours instead? Green teams, or environmental clubs, are mushrooming in all sorts of businesses. 

You need not spend so much time on job search engines. Rather, there are so many things to do to transform companies before it is too late. In a way, working in a not-so-sustainable company is like being on the frontline of climate action, with the possibility to move fast if provided with the right resources and motivation. It can begin today.

carbon offsetting and reduction

Make your company join the fight (Credit: Plan A)

How do you start a sustainable action team?

Step 1: Prepare your first moves

Find partners in action. Prepare a first meeting to get a feel of the room. What kind of action is favoured by the majority? What themes are most important to the people there? It is important to build action from the ground up.

Set clear outcomes for this first meeting. It’s important people feel things are moving forward. This first meeting should allow you to assign key roles (a team leader, a treasurer if you already have a budget) and assess involvement. How many people and at what levels can they contribute? This meeting should also let people express the reasons why they want to get involved. In our experience, building a plan from the bottom up has much better chance of survival. 

Looking for inspiration? Request to join our community of changemakers to access support, ideas and information.

Step 2: Follow up with action

You have a team, you have an idea, all that is left to do is execute. Go from easy to hard, and don’t set expectations too high. By now, at least one member of the management team is in the know and can start providing the institutional support you need. 

No need to envision a grand strategy to upend the entirety of the company at once. Radical change comes with preparation and gathering momentum and support. Don’t think either that you’re greenwashing for your company. Some change is better than no change. It becomes greenwashing if it is not followed through, if the action dies off before it has had the chance to make real impact. That is what we are doing with Plan A: making this sustainable effort a prolonged effort that has tangible results at all levels of the company.  Consider recommending us to your green team or management to help you craft the most effective strategy to transform the company from within.

Step 3: Flexible like a bamboo, strong like an oak

Keep growing. As your first operations happen, your visibility should be up –  using, for example, these recycling posters we’ve designed for your use. Although the final objectives of the team should be stated (and written down) from the get-go, a movement needs to leave space for growth. Diversifying actions, changing active members over initial enthusiasts that have lost momentum… all are decisions that the team leader will have to make. Thankfully, as your group grows and achieves significant positive change there will be room to expand, and roles to fill. 

As you begin to impact positively your team and company at large, you should see an incremental interest in these activities. Green or sustainability teams within companies can usually get some time and some budget to implement their vision and grow beyond their usual role. If you need help with specific strategies, send us a message at [email protected] and let’s spark a conversation up!

The sustainable ambassador

We work to provide you with the tools to create, present and implement sustainability within your company. First, we encourage you to explore our Academy. It’s full of resources to understand the current climate crisis and the case for sustainability. Moreover, we can provide you with communication material and data to back up your mission – and make management listen to your argument.

Apply to our ambassador and volunteer programmes to be part of a bigger wave of change in the sustainable business space. We have all felt the power of the change environmentalism is going through. We are now millions in the streets. Let’s translate this mobilisation into tangible effects by changing the most significant vehicle of emissions, business. Starting with yours?