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Master your CSRD journey with an expert solution

CSRD reporting is here and poses a great opportunity to transform your business. With the right technology, expert services and education we support you along your CSRD journey to maximise this opportunity.
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Personalised expert support
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Carbon management platform
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Deep educational insights
The opportunity

Seize this transformational opportunity

CSRD brings sustainability into your boardroom, uncovering ESG risks and opportunities to transform your business. Embrace this change to boost resilience, elevate brand reputation, and attract new funding and talent.

Support at every stage of the process

Get end-to-end support for your CSRD journey or seek help for a specific stage.
Leverage in-depth services, like double materiality assessment or gap analysis, to master key milestones.
Grow your expertise through digital or personal learning opportunities to better maneuver your CSRD process.

Centralise all your emissions data

Build a strong foundation for your E1 disclosures with a certified carbon management platform.
Streamline your data collection across Scopes 1, 2, 3 and associated emission categories.
Measure your emissions with automated calculations and report on your carbon footprint.

Improve your environmental performance

Set science-based targets to reduce your emissions effectively.
Explore and execute decarbonisation actions and understand their impact.
Leverage deep analytics to forecast future emissions and cost risks to stay on track.
Our sustainability experts

Start your net-zero journey now and speak to our sustainability experts!

Our sustainability experts will find the right solution for you.

Who needs to comply with the CSRD?

Large company (both EU and non-EU subsidiaries)
Companies with over 250 employees and/or with an annual turnover exceeding €50 million and/or with total assets exceeding €25 million are obligated to report under the CSRD.
> 250 employees
Annual turnover: > €50 million
Listed companies, including SMEs (excluding micro-companies)
SMEs have a 3-year time lag before they are required to report under the CSRD.
Insurance and credit institutions
Entities within these sectors are subject to CSRD reporting requirements.
Non-European companies with subsidiares in the EU
Non-EU companies with a net turnover of €150 million or more within the EU are obliged to report under the CSRD.
  • Subsidiary if the parent company includes subsidiary in its report
  • Listed micro companies
  • Non-listed SMEs (report on a voluntary basis).

What to expect in the coming years?

Reporting in 2025
Large companies and companies currently reporting under the NFRD
Affected FY: 2024
Reporting in 2026
Large companies previously not subject to NFRD and non-EU companies with EU listings in scope criteria of CSRD
Affected FY: 2025
Reporting in 2027
SMEs listed on a regulated market (except micro undertakings)
Affected FY: 2026
Confirmation of sector-specific ESRS
June 2026
Reporting in 2029
Large non-EU entities with EU branches or subsidiaries
Affected FY: 2028

Understanding the ESRS

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) make up the reporting standard for CSRD. It includes general, cross-cutting requirements applicable to all in-scope companies and topical disclosures that may or may not be material to a company.
General disclosures (ESRS 2)
Mandatory for all
Impact, Risk and Opportunity
Metrics and Targets
E1 — Climate Change
E2 — Pollution
E3 — Water and marine
E4 — Biodiversity
E5 — Resource use / Circular economy
S1 — Own workforce
S2 — Workers in the value chain
S3 — Affected communities
S4 — Consumers end users
G1 - Business conduct
Sector Specific ESRS (To be drafted)
Our sustainability experts

Start your net-zero journey now and speak to our sustainability experts!

Our sustainability experts will find the right solution for you.