Calculate your company's carbon footprint: Your guide for 2024

Calculate your company's carbon footprint: Your guide for 2024

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How to calculate your company's footprint?

Calculating your company's carbon footprint in 2024 is a necessary step towards measuring the total greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted directly and indirectly by your business operations, expressed as equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2e). 

This comprehensive process includes the evaluation of all sources of GHG emissions across the company's value chain, categorised into direct emissions (Scope 1) from owned or controlled sources, indirect emissions from purchased energy (Scope 2), and other indirect emissions (Scope 3) such as the production and transportation of purchased materials and the use of sold products and services. 

By accurately assessing these emissions through data on fuel consumption, electricity use, and resource utilisation and applying emission factors, companies can set realistic reduction targets, comply with environmental regulations, and implement sustainable practices. Understanding and managing the carbon footprint is crucial for combating climate change, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the company's public image.

To learn more about how to calculate your company's carbon footprint, read the following articles: 

A detailed guide on calculating your company's carbon footprint will be released soon. 

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