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Sustainability strategy and portfolio engagement as a venture capital firm

Reduce emissions across operations
Albion is a venture capitalist firm focusing on early-stage B2B software and healthcare companies.
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Embed sustainability into operations to become a truly sustainable firm

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February 2021

AlbionVC supports visionary founders with long-term capital and scale-up expertise. The company has over 50+ companies in its portfolio and manages over $1B in funds.

True to its vision, AlbionVC believes that enduring and category-leading businesses have sustainability principles at their core. Building and scaling over the long term are only possible if the underlying company has strong foundations that incorporate the interests of all stakeholders.

The venture capital firm is not looking for quick wins or easy choices but instead focuses on the long-term - that is why AlbionVC decided to start its sustainability journey with Plan A. In doing so, AlbionVC strives to lead by example and incorporate sustainability principles in its internal operations and interactions with its team and external stakeholders.

“In Plan A we found a trusted partner to guide us on our environmental and net-zero journey. Their expert team have been instrumental in helping us understand key Environmental parameters for VC investors and early stage technology companies. Plan A software is very easy to navigate, a combination of user-friendly interface and lack of technical jargon made it an easy choice when looking for a tech platform. If you need scopes 1,2,3 and detailed portfolio analysis they can certainly help with that. The team are very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
Katya Pogudina
Head of Marketing

Using Plan A's carbon accounting software, the venture capital firm automatically collected and calculated emissions data for its corporate carbon footprint (CCF), including scopes 1, 2, and 3. The carbon analysis provided insightful data for its operational emissions, indicating the biggest emissions category.

By calculating the CCF in retrospect, AlbionVC could determine a baseline for targeting.


Plan A's carbon and ESG management platform calculated Albion VC's total CCF for 2021 and 2022. Thanks to the results, the firm follows science-based targets to reduce its emissions efficiently across its entire operations. Further, the venture capitalist will showcase its sustainability journey internally and externally to engage with its employees and portfolio companies.

By walking the sustainability talk, AlbionVC can provide effective change to its company and beyond.

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