BNW x Plan A: Calculate your corporate carbon footprint with a free carbon emissions calculator

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Take control over your corporate carbon footprint.

Monitoring your corporate carbon footprint is a must. Climate change is man-made and will have devastating consequences for people and the environment if the main greenhouse gas emissions are not radically reduced immediately. The recent floods in Germany and the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change leave no doubt about this. As the German elections are approaching, it is essential to recognize the role of businesses in mitigating climate change and shifting towards a low-carbon economy.

The Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e. V. (German Sustainable Business Association) and Plan A show how this can be achieved. Today, we are presenting in exclusivity a specially developed CO2 emissions calculator for companies that is free of charge and accessible to the public.

Start calculating your corporate carbon footprint with our calculator here

Calculate your corporate carbon footprint with the free calculator of BNW and Plan A
Calculate your corporate carbon footprint with the free calculator of BNW and Plan A

The carbon emissions calculator now offers companies the opportunity to obtain an initial realistic assessment of their emissions profile. To do this, the tool asks a series of questions about company activities - from employee commuting to spending on electricity, heating or other services - and collects the necessary data across all relevant emissions areas. Greenhouse gas emissions are then calculated and compared with industry values.

It takes decisive action and decisive measures to decarbonise our economy and make economic growth sustainable. And not at some point, but now. Policymakers must create the framework conditions for this immediately.

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-Founder at Plan A

The methods on which the calculation is based comply with the internationally recognised standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and are scientifically sound - this was officially certified by TÜV Rheinland Plan A at the beginning of September 2021. The calculations cover the entire scope 1 and 2 of carbon emissions, alongside scope 3 of carbon emissions. GHG protocol recommends this as an initial step to get an idea of the largest contributors prior to doing a more detailed analysis.

Was sind die nächsten Schritte?

Plan A software based carbon management and ESG Performance, reducing carbon footprint. Start monitoring your corporate carbon footprint today.
Take control over your corporate's carbon footprint.

Our free calculator is only the beginning. Plan A aims to provide further tools for companies on their sustainability journey, to help them meet their environmental goals. Interested companies can work with Plan A to develop solutions customised to their individual needs. Whether companies wish to get an accurate picture of their scope 3 emissions or understand how a new remote-work policy impacts their carbon profile, Plan A is your ideal partner for sustainable growth.

Start your decarbonisation journey with Plan A. Book a demo now and have a chat with us.

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