Plan A Raises $3M in Funding to Help Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Plan A Raises $3M in Funding to Help Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

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Happy to announce the closing of our investment round.

This is breaking news for companies' carbon footprint. Plan A is leading the carbon management market and raises $3M in funding from French, German and American VCs Demeter, Coparion and Softbank

Find the official press release and package here.

This is amazing news for Plan A, which has developed software-based carbon management solutions focusing on carbon reduction and ESG performance. Helping any company to reduce its carbon footprint while turning sustainability into a competitive advantage. 

Why managing companies' carbon footprint is important?

Why does it matter? Simply because carbon emissions management and ESG performance represent a key challenge for companies, regardless of their industry, location and size. Globally, businesses must comply with fast-changing regulations such as the Green Deal and EU Taxonomy, as well as rising customers, stakeholders and investor demands, to integrate sustainability at their core. It is important to state that the market for carbon emission management solutions is growing rapidly - from $10 to $26 Billion in the next five years

Carbon emission management is at the top of business leaders' minds these days.

Alexander Luettge, partner at Coparion

Why is this funding great timing? The UN Secretary-General António Guterres qualified 2021 as a crucial year for climate change, urging world leaders to take immediate climate action. Plan A joins this statement by using the funds to support other companies' sustainable transition rapidly. "Plan A and its team stood out by positioning themselves as the one-stop-shop to help businesses calculate, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint", affirmed Olivier Bordelanne, Partner at Demeter.

Plan A leading carbon management solutions market

From left to right
Nathan Bonnisseau, Co-Founder & CMO - Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-Founder at Plan A. (Credit: Plan A)

With the investment round from Demeter, Coparion and Softbank, Plan A is enhancing its carbon emission and ESG management software for European companies and setting the scene for international expansion. Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-Founder at Plan A states: "We have been working for multiple years on developing the best in class technology, and this investment will allow us to tailor further our carbon and ESG management platform to the needs of enterprises worldwide."

So if your company is looking for a smart solution to reduce their carbon footprint while monitoring their ESG performance, contact Plan A.

An end-to-end carbon footprint management software

Plan A software based carbon management and ESG Performance, reducing carbon footprint.
Take control over your corporate's carbon footprint (Credit: Plan A)

Plan A has been awarded numerous prizes, most recently the Digital Top 50 and BCG DV Social Impact, and shaped the market of sustainability at the BMWi Digital Gipfel 2020. Ursula von der Leyen opened her remarks with Plan A.

Interested to know more? Find the press package here or email us at [email protected].

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