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September 27, 2022

Sorare partners with Plan A to build world's first net-zero gaming company

  • Sorare teamed up with Plan A and Blisce to disclose its blockchain-related emissions, develop a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy and automate reporting of its carbon footprint
  • Sorare has already reduced its carbon footprint by 99 percent as a result of migrating the vast majority of transactions to the Layer 2 network on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Sorare will fully offset its unavoidable carbon emissions by the end of 2022 with the long-term objective of reaching net-zero by 2025

Sorare, the global fantasy sports game, today announces a long-term partnership with leading carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting platform Plan A as part of a long-term sustainability strategy. Sorare, which has already reduced its corporate carbon footprint by 99 percent by migrating the vast majority of its transactions within the Ethereum blockchain to the more efficient Layer 2 network, aims to align its decarbonisation efforts to a long-term net-zero strategy.

Sorare uses non-fungible technology to allow users to collect, trade, and play with digital cards of real-life players, and store them on the Ethereum blockchain. While the technology ensures the highest levels of transparency and security for gaming, it is often associated with environmental challenges as it consumes large amounts of electricity. Sorare has partnered with Plan A to tackle these challenges through automated reporting of its Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for 2021 and beyond. The partnership will also focus on developing and implementing a science-based long-term net-zero strategy by (1) reducing emissions in its value chain and (2) investing in high-quality carbon offsets for emissions which can not be reduced starting this year. This is a fundamental part of Sorare’s long-term mission to set the industry standard for sustainable practices among companies utilising blockchain technology.

Sorare's NFT cards
Sorare's NFT cards
Credit: Sorare

99% emissions reduction due to technological innovation

As the Plan A Initial Emissions Report shows, Sorare has a total carbon footprint of 133,643 tCO2e for 2021. Broken down by Scopes and emission activities, the following picture emerges:

Sorare’s emissions per Scope and Category for the base year 2021
Table 1: Sorare’s emissions per Scope and Category for the base year 2021
Credit: Plan A Platform

The major share of Sorare’s emissions – which generally applies to tech and digital companies  – comes from Scope 3, in particular from Category 1 (purchased goods and services) as a result of the gas consumed to conduct the platform operations in the underlying main blockchain architecture, the so-called Layer 1. To reduce this high electricity consumption, Sorare migrated the majority of its transactions within the Ethereum blockchain to the 2,000 times more efficient Layer 2 (overlaying network) in July 2021 and was able to decrease the associated emissions by 99 percent, significantly reducing its corporate carbon footprint.

Sorare is committed to further reducing its emissions as it continues its rapid growth. It will leverage the Plan A Platform’s AI to understand the emission hotspots of its operations and derive science-based decarbonisation targets and a long-term net-zero strategy. The first initiative was to move its Ethereum blockchain operations to Layer 2 in July 2021. Sorare is now planning to shift to green mobility and  introduce policies for business trip reduction and vendor selection to reduce its office and transport-related emissions.

Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare: "Sorare is a business created to have a global impact on behalf of sports fans, players and teams but, as we grow our game and our community, we want to ensure that we are doing so responsibly and sustainably. We have already reduced our corporate carbon footprint by 99 percent but we know there is much more we can do. Our goal is to turn Sorare into a net-zero company and in the process set new standards for other companies utilising blockchain technology. We are delighted to partner with Plan A to help us achieve this and we look forward to working with them to meet our net-zero ambitions in a scientifically robust and strategic way.” 

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A: "Sorare is a fast-growing, highly innovative gaming company, using cutting-edge technology to disrupt an entire industry. As an authentic  sustainability pioneer, Sorare has recognised the challenges of the technology they use and has committed to act on it and innovate further to significantly reduce its corporate carbon footprint. We are incredibly proud to be working with Sorare to develop its platform service into the world's first net-zero fantasy sports game using our science-based decarbonisation strategies."

Alexandre Mars, Founder & CEO of Blisce: "At Blisce, we back companies that are deeply committed to social and environmental impact and we are dedicated to actively supporting them in this journey. Sorare’s commitment to decarbonizing their business is proof that innovation and responsibility can and should go hand in hand. We are deeply proud to back Sorare as they lead the way in the industry in collaboration with valuable partners like Plan A”.

Access the press release here.

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About Plan A

Plan A is Europe’s leading corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting software provider. Founded in 2017, the Greentech has developed a SaaS platform that combines cutting-edge technologies and the latest scientific standards and methodologies (compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol; certified by TÜV Rheinland). The end-to-end software solution enables businesses to self-manage their entire net-zero journey – from data collection over emissions calculation, target setting, and decarbonisation planning to non-financial reporting – in one central hub. The Berlin, Paris, and London-based company counts Chloé, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Visa, GANNI, N26, HomeToGo, trivago, Personio, Sorare, KFC, and DFB among its customers. In September 2023, Plan A raised $27M in a round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Leading by example, Plan A has established its own Sustainability Initiative team to define, manage, and steer the company’s sustainability journey. As a first milestone, Plan A disclosed its corporate carbon footprint for the base year 2021 (44.29 tCO2e). Plan A is B Corp-certified and thus demonstrably adheres to strict social and environmental standards. In fact, with the top score achieved, Plan A is among the top 5 percent of all certified companies worldwide in the impact area “Governance”. For more information, visit

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