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Décarboner une plateforme marketplace avec Wecasa

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The leading French marketplace revolutionising wellness & care services
Direct Emissions
4.66t CO2
In 2022, accounting for only 0.48% of their total emissions

Create value in a sustainable way for all of their stakeholders

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Empreinte carbone complète, bilan carbone et réduction
Date de commencement
May 2022

Founded in 2016 and based in Paris (FR), Wecasa is a data-driven marketplace that transforms care services by focusing on user experience. Having quickly become the go-to online booking platform for at-home wellness and care services, Wecasa helps its clients find time to take care of themselves and bring greater balance into their lives, no matter how busy their schedule. In doing so, Wecasa has employed over 10,000 independent workers.

For Wecasa, providing greater balance in people’s lives also comes with environmental balance. Wecasa strives to lead by example within the home services sector through supporting sustainable value creation in all aspects of their operations - for the business users, customers and employees.

“We are a tech company – operating based on facts and data is deeply imbedded in our DNA. To engage effectively in our sustainability journey, we wanted to follow the same approach, granted into visible results. Plan A supports us in this effort with its tools and comprehensive methodology”
Antoine Chatelain
CEO & Co-founder, Wecasa
La solution

Wecasa partnered with Plan A to measure and disclose their Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), and to ultimately implement a sustainability strategy that is in line with the vast constraints that come with being a tech scale up facing steep growth. Accordingly, Wecasa leveraged the following solutions to ensure sustainable value creation is supported in all aspects of their operations.

  1. Wecasa used the Plan A Sustainability Platform to calculate their company emissions - with a key focus upon scope 3. 
  2. Specific focus has been placed on the business users commuting to the customers, including a recurring in-depth analysis based on distance travelled by these professionals, the geographic location, as well as the type of service provided (e.g. massage or cleaning).
  3. Decarbonisation workshops with the Wecasa executive team were led by Plan A’s Sustainability experts and Customer Success team in order to analyse WeCasa’s CCF report, and to discuss how Wecasa can implement a decarbonisation strategy as a hyper-growing company.

While Wecasa encountered several challenges relating to their rapid expansion and a significant emphasis on scope 3 emissions, Wecasa demonstrates its resolute aspiration to emerge as a prominent figure in the realm of sustainability by actively addressing indirect emission reduction. The leadership team at Wecasa is dedicated to embedding sustainability as a foundational principle within the organisation with objectives entailing instigating strategic and operational advancements across the enterprise and its value chain.

As Wecasa continues to leverage Plan A's all-in-one Sustainability Platform, they are empowered to scrutinise and assess their emissions through customisable dashboards, marking a significant step towards the achievement of their sustainability objectives.


As a business, Wecasa is best in class in terms of their direct emissions, or emissions they can easily influence (i.e. scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions, excluding suppliers and the commuting of their business users). This is thanks to the sustainability practices that Wecasa’s leadership have implemented as foundations of their operations, such as:

  • Energy-efficient buildings (utilising renewable energy)
  • Strict internal business policies (i.e. sustainable sourcing policies for food and beverages)
  • Limited employee commuting by car
  • Optimised and environmental-friendly Cloud servers
  • Office waste recycling and favouring of recycled products (IT, phones, office supply)

As Wecasa continues to grow steeply, they commit to engage in a sustainability across four key areas to mitigate their carbon emissions - each sponsored and driven by their executive team:

  1. As a SaaS platform, Wecasa holds little further opportunity to reduce the emissions which they have direct control or influence over (i.e. scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions, excluding suppliers and the commuting of their business users). As such, they commit to continually optimising their data collection processes, and becoming carbon neutral by investing on high quality carbon removal projects with Plan A’s carefully selected partners.
  2. With regards to the platform’s business users, Wecasa is committed to support these professionals with their carbon transition. They intend to do so by developing new functionalities in the platform to improve commuting measurement, reduce the average distance travelled by the professionals to go to their customers, and optimise their appointment schedules. They also plan to do this through educational communication campaigns to their professional users (e.g. providing information on available subsidies and success stories) to influence them to transition to greener mobility.
  3. Finally, concerning their supplier emissions, Wecasa aims at kicking off a supplier engagement strategy focusing on optimising their investments with media partners. Wecasa strives to make their voice heard as sustainability pioneers - paving the way for larger players.
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