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What is Streamlined Electricity and Carbon Reporting (SECR)?

  • The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a UK regulation that requires companies in scope to report on their emissions and energy consumption.
  • The reporting framework is intended to encourage the implementation of energy efficiency measures, with both economic and environmental benefits, supporting
    companies in cutting costs and improving productivity at the same time as reducing carbon emissions.

Who needs to report under SECR?

  • Quoted companies of any size
  • Large unquoted companies incorporated in the UK and Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Unquoted companies or LLPs are defined as ‘large’ if they meet at least two of the following three criteria in a reporting year:
    ■ a turnover of £36 million or more;
    ■ a balance sheet of £18 million or more; or
    ■ 250 employees or more

Companies that use less than 40,000 kWh per reporting period are exempt from the SECR requirement. These companies will still need to include a statement in their report confirming that they are a low energy user.

What do companies need to report under the SECR?

Quoted companies need to report the following under the SECR:

  • UK energy use (as a minimum  gas, electricity and transport, including UK offshore area) 
  • Associated greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Scope 3 emissions from business travel 
  • Previous year’s figures for energy use and GHG emissions 
  • At least one intensity ratio 
  • Energy efficiency taken 
  • Methodology used when calculation emissions 

Large unquoted companies & LLPs need to report the following under the SECR:

  • Annual GHG emissions from activities for which the company is responsible including combustion of fuel  and operation of any facility
  • Underlying global energy use
  • Previous year’s figures for  energy use and GHG 
  • At least one intensity ratio
  • Energy efficiency taken
  • Methodology used when calculation emissions

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