Playlist for the Planet: Sounds of South Africa

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Woza woza!

At first, it all goes with Abdullah Ibrahim and the late master Hugh Masekela. Their melodies, segregated from the rest of the world, held steadfast in an original sound that becomes unmistakable with Cape Town and Johannesburg. The iconic whistle of the background dancer shouts ‘well done’ to any shebeen jive. And with that, the sweet voices of Miriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie carry on a beat through to the appreciation of all.

South Africa has unified a generation ago. Time takes time with anthems of long ago still seen as a heartthrob. Umshini wami, a militant call against Apartheid and the echoes of Stimela remind us how detailed the generations leading up to Mandela’s freedom was. Yet ideas such as Freshly Ground and Mi Casa tell a story still in their infancy. South Africa is a complicated mix of sounds, people and stories but with that, woza woza. The Rainbow Country has always been a place of deep history, powerful nature and immense diversity. With this playlist, Plan A - and its data analyst Ben Trollope - takes you on a trip to the Southernmost country in Africa. This playlist is a celebration of love, unity and nature.

Don't sit back, do enjoy, and save the planet.

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