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Explore the depths of the EU Taxonomy Regulation and understand its vital role in creating a sustainable economic future. Plan A's exclusive whitepaper provides a comprehensive analysis of the EU Taxonomy, its impacts, and why it is essential for businesses and investors seeking to align with the Paris Agreement's environmental goals.

Our document will guide you through the Taxonomy's details, empowering your company to navigate this new terrain of sustainable economic activities and avoid greenwashing.

What's inside: Your guide to the EU Taxonomy

This comprehensive whitepaper covers the following crucial topics:

  • Introduction to the EU Taxonomy
  • What is the EU Taxonomy?
  • A timeline of climate regulations in the EU
  • How sustainability is defined and measured by the EU Taxonomy
  • Who is effected by the EU Taxonomy, and who will be?
  • How to report on the EU Taxonomy
  • What to expect next?

Explore how the EU Taxonomy aims to set a standard for sustainability across all facets, from ESG and biodiversity to pollution treatment. Understand its applicability, how it affects various stakeholders, and what future developments to expect.

Why is complying with the EU Taxonomy important?

With the enforcement of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2023, the EU Taxonomy's reach has expanded, influencing not only listed companies, banks or insurance companies (with 500+ employees) and financial market participants (FMPs) but also a wider set of large companies and listed SMEs. Today, approximately 50,000 companies are required to disclose their conformity with the Taxonomy's criteria.

The EU Taxonomy is reshaping the way businesses and investments operate in the EU and beyond. Compliance isn't only about meeting regulations—it's about embracing sustainability and showcasing your business's commitment to a greener future. Misalignment with these standards or greenwashing could harm your reputation and bottom line.

Plan A, your trusted partner for regulatory compliance

Plan A empowers your company to be part of the transition to a greener economy. We understand the intricacies of the EU Taxonomy and how they apply to your business. With our guidance, your company can confidently navigate and comply with these regulations, showcasing genuine commitment to sustainability and avoiding the risks associated with greenwashing. In a world increasingly conscious of environmental responsibility, Plan A is your ally in presenting a transparent, credible, and future-focused business.

Ready to navigate the landscape of the EU Taxonomy with confidence? Gain a deeper understanding of the EU Taxonomy, its implications, and how to position your company for a sustainable future. Download the Plan A Whitepaper on the EU Taxonomy now. Let's shape the future of sustainability together.

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