ESG reporting for investors and companies

Why do certain investments perform better than others? Why do certain startups seem to always outperform and get ahead of the cohort? The answer has three letters, and it is ESG. Whether you are an investor or a company, big or small – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and investing, is the framework to catch on if you want to stay up to speed with the market (and your bill).

In that sense, ESG is not only a framework that financial institutions and investors have to report on; it is also on the radar of employees, regulators and everyone involved in the ecosystem. Why? Simply because phenomena such as the coronavirus outbreak and climate change make us realise that we are not masters of our planet but rather stewards of nature. ESG is taking on an even greater significance in light of recent events: companies have the responsibility and resources to accomplish positive climate action, building a more sustainable, resilient future and “putting money where their mouth is”.

To help investors, financial institutions, and companies understand better the underlying criteria to implement and report on them, we created a data-based whitepapers on ESG reporting.

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