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The contemporary challenge of sustainability is redefining the framework of the fashion industry. With an estimated annual contribution of 2.1 billion tonnes of GHG emissions worldwide, the rigorous assessment and reduction of carbon footprints have become critical. However, the pathway towards genuine sustainability can often be clouded by complex scientific terms and methodologies. Our latest Whitepaper elucidates these complexities and provides a structured approach towards measuring emissions and embarking on an effective decarbonisation journey.

What's inside: Your guide to sustainability in fashion

Our Whitepaper offers a thorough examination of the role of emission assessments in the fashion industry, arming you with indispensable knowledge and practical instruments. Here's an outline of what the document entails:

  • An analytical exploration of the importance of measuring emissions within the fashion industry.
  • A detailed guide on conducting a comprehensive Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) assessment.
  • An explanation of the principles of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) carbon accounting and a comparative study of corporate and product carbon footprints.
  • An illustrative account of a corporate carbon footprint journey of an apparel and footwear company, providing valuable insights for your decarbonisation strategy.

Why does it matter?

In an evolving environment where both consumers and regulatory bodies necessitate transparency and a solid commitment to sustainability, deciphering your carbon footprint is of paramount importance. It forms the cornerstone for establishing scientifically driven decarbonisation goals, steering your organisation towards a more sustainable future. This not only harbours ecological benefits but also amplifies your brand's reputation and credibility in a competitive marketplace.

Why Plan A is your optimal partner for this challenge?

Plan A stands dedicated to assisting you through this transformational journey. We appreciate the unique challenges that the fashion industry encounters and offer bespoke solutions to address your sustainability requirements. The strategies enclosed in our Whitepaper are geared to transition your business from making sustainability claims to implementing tangible, measurable changes.

Commence your journey towards genuine sustainability in the fashion industry. Download our "Sustainability in fashion according to the GHG protocol" Whitepaper today and metamorphose your business from a claimant of green practices to a proven advocate of sustainability.

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