Plan A and Kite Insights partner to accelerate corporate decarbonisation

Plan A and Kite Insights partner to accelerate corporate decarbonisation

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Are you ready to lead your business into a climate fluent future?

Climate literacy serves as the catalyst for transformative action. In an era of unprecedented environmental challenges, understanding the intricacies of climate change and its impacts is crucial for fostering informed decision-making and driving meaningful climate action. Climate literacy encompasses a comprehensive understanding of climate science, the factors driving climate change, and its far-reaching consequences. It equips individuals and businesses with the knowledge needed to comprehend the complexities of our changing climate, and empowers them to decipher the evolving regulatory and scientific landscape. By becoming climate literate, we can bridge the gap between scientific data and public awareness, fostering an environment where evidence-based solutions can be accepted and integrated.    

Plan A is thrilled to announce a partnership alongside leading research, learning and live content company Kite Insights. Kite Insights helps organisations take thoughtful action on the issues that matter, like climate change, by equipping people with the knowledge, motivation and tools to act. Kite and Plan A are committed to enabling companies to thrive in the world of tomorrow. By working together, we can pair Kite’s ability to deliver learning and training content with Plan A’s software and product-led approach for decarbonisation. We will be designing learning experiences that enable businesses to understand their impact and provide insights on how to excel as a business in a net-zero economy. Spreading climate literacy within and beyond one's organisation is a task we must ensure to improve transparency and scale decarbonisation. Together, we aim to cultivate a business community that’s not just climate literate, but climate fluent

“We are really optimistic about the future and partnering with Kite Insights is a great way to help fill the knowledge gap within companies and develop comprehensive climate literacy that propels climate action.”

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and co-founder, Plan A. 

In today's rapidly evolving world, businesses must recognise that climate action is not just an ethical imperative but also a strategic necessity. As our global economy transitions to a net-zero future, businesses that proactively embrace sustainable practices and align their operations with climate goals are more likely to thrive. The transition to a low-carbon economy presents numerous opportunities for innovation, cost savings, and enhanced brand reputation. However, there is a knowledge gap in businesses today inhibiting them from achieving these business results. It is our aim to close this gap but providing the resources, tools, and educational programs that businesses need to engage their stakeholders and employees for durable climate action. Embracing climate action is not only the responsible path forward, but it also positions businesses to thrive in a future where sustainability is at the forefront of economic success.

We have many exciting plans in the works. To learn more and be the first informed about upcoming educational initiatives, events, or how you can participate in corporate climate literacy programmes, join our mailing list by submitting the form below.

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