Sustainable Friday: Tips from Plan A's office

Sustainable Friday: Tips from Plan A's office

Become a maestro of sustainable living.

The weekend has arrived, we can feel your excitement, so you have finally some time off. Each Friday, the dream team of Plan A share with you, their sustainable tips, enabling you to become master Yoda in sustainable living. We all know that complete sustainability is hard to achieve, but Plan A is there to make it easier for you. Say hello to a conscious lifestyle, under your tree of life.

Tip #1. Cycling to work

Our data analyst, Ben Trollope, suggests that you use your bike to go to work. In fact, cycling is an emission-free transportation mode, which emits only 21 grams of CO2 per kilometre, ten times less than a car. Not convinced yet? A 2015 study made by the Institute for Transportation and development policy claimed that an increase in cycling worldwide of 20%, would cut carbon emissions by 11% in 2050

While biking reduces CO2 emissions, it is an enjoyable form of exercise for this summer (e.g. you can burn 450 to 750 calories per hour of cycling). Jumping on your bike is an aerobic activity that promotes physical and mental health. From increased cardiovascular fitness, improved joint mobility to reduced stress levels and anxiety, depression management.  Now, you can cancel your gym membership, save money and become sustainable. Who knows, maybe you will be ready for the Tour de France next year.  

Tip #2. Sustainable and inspiring reading 

Tom, our head of operations, offers you to read this masterpiece "Drawdown". A life-changing and beautiful book of under 100 pages that incorporates the most inspirational solutions to tackle climate change. The report is highly convincing, inspiring businesses, communities, and yourself. The book explores subjects ranging from renewable energy, sustainable development, empowering women and gender equality.

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