Documentary Plan A x Startup TV: How to change your company and do it well?

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Discover the first episode on carbon offsetting.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new documentary series, “How to change your company and do it well”, in partnership with Startup TV.

This docu-series will inform leaders on how to address sustainability in their companies while considering the principles of carbon accounting and decarbonization. Whether you are a CEO looking to transform your company into a carbon-neutral, more sustainable one; or an employee looking to start a green team in your company, this documentary series is worth your watching time.

Watch the first episode on the carbon offsetting topic

We will cover the controversial question of carbon offsetting from best practices, case study to project management for our first episode. Carbon offsetting is a widespread practice for global companies wanting to reduce their carbon emissions or claiming carbon-neutrality. But honestly, what does it entail?

Join Plan A, Dr Smile, Fair Climate Fund and Seven Clean Seas to explore how climate change impacts businesses and how sustainability can positively change companies, as they can still have a good role in this story. 

Plan A always aim to provide unique content and tools to help companies drive sustainable change internally and externally. Please leave your thoughts below and stay tuned for our upcoming documentary! 

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