Plan A Opens London Office to Help UK Businesses Decarbonise and Improve their ESG Performance

Plan A Opens London Office to Help UK Businesses Decarbonise and Improve their ESG Performance

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Good morning England.

We are thrilled to announce that Plan A will be opening a new branch office in London from July 2022. This new chapter of our story will further accelerate our support in companies' sustainable journey and non-financial reporting according to the latest regulations, such as the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), applicable in the United Kingdom.

The TCFD provides investors, lenders, and insurers with standardised and transparent information on ESG performance and climate-related risks and opportunities. Since April 2022, large public interest companies – i.e. banks, insurance companies, or listed companies with more than 500 employees – have been obliged to report in compliance with this standard.

"Plan A's software solution, which supports companies on their net-zero and decarbonisation journey, will be a great addition to the UK's world-leading sustainable tech and startup ecosystem, facilitated by this government's commitment to clean, green tech"

Lord Grimstone, Minister for Investment of the United Kingdom

With the support of the Department for International Trade and London & Partners, we are delighted to announce our official arrival in the United Kingdom to support businesses from tech, service, financial and many more critical industries for the country to report and take action on their environmental impact accurately.

Read our official press statement here

Rapid growth: 100 employees in the London office

As London is one of the world's largest tech, financial, and global business hubs, our new London office opening will support the leading, most reputable, and fastest growing companies in reducing and improving their impact, particularly in the relevant Scope 3 emissions categories for their respective industries. 

We cannot be happier to be returning to the place where Plan A's story kicked off. Our client base in the UK has been multiplying in recent months, and we pursue ambitious growth targets in the UK. We have decided to strengthen our local presence and build a team in London.

Lubomila Jordanova, CEO & Co-founder at Plan A

Our decarbonisation and ESG improvement platform enables UK companies to comply with market-specific regulations like TCFD, SECR, or NFRD. Elaborating on our extensive customer base (including ApaxPartners and Albion Capital), we aim to expand our software and service offering across the UK rapidly.

To achieve our ambitious business and decarbonisation goals in the UK, Plan A will be hiring 100 business, climate, and tech experts in London over the next few years - creating numerous jobs and empowering local companies to become sustainability leaders and future-proof their businesses.

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